गावो विश्वस्य मातरः

Indian civilization has been known as a cow-centric civilization since times immemorial. The importance of cow reflects in each and every domain of Indian society. Indians have revered mother cow as divine and an integral part of their daily lives.

Institutionalization of an alien practice
During the Muslim invasion, the practice of cow slaughter started and got institutionalized during British rule. After independence, this alien practice needed to be reversed but it got patronage from the government in lieu of minorities’ appeasement and thus this socio-cultural integral part of life became a rather religious and political issue.

The Propaganda
Left propagandists made the situation more complicated by painting the issue of cow slaughter with the absurd slogan of ‘My food, my choice’. With the agenda-setting techniques of media and academia, the issue of cow slaughter became controversial as they projected ban on cow slaughter as reactionary, unscientific and a communal demand.

The Ecological Perspective
In the last 10 years, the scientific community of the world has come up with new research-based facts regarding cow slaughter and beef production. These scientific data and conclusions throw new light on the issue from an ecological perspective.

What we will do?
It is the demand of the hour that issue of cow slaughter and beef production should be reframed and beef-ban can be presented as a scientific demand and not as a mere religious concern. This documentary film will examine the issue from a scientific and ecological perspective and will offer scientific and spiritual foundations of cow preservation.